Oct 24, 20231 month ago

FMT Tools at a trade fair in Greece

Expo Metal Machinery is a four-day exhibition that brings together the industrial equipment market and the world of metal machinery in Athens. This was an indirect participation through Walter's channel partner in the Greek market. This participation took place at the Metropolitan Expo Centre and is the result of Walter's acquisition of Frezite, last year.

 Oct 18, 20231 month ago

FMT at mobility event in Ducati

More than a hundred participants came together to discuss mobility at the invitation of Walter Tools Italy. The meeting took place on 12 October at the Ducati Motor Holding premises in Bologna and was attended by employees of FMT – Frezite Metal Tooling, specialists in polycrystalline diamond tools (PCD). Walter Tools is an official Ducati supplier in 2023. Another successful event that showcased tool management solutions, exploiting existing synergies, following Walter's acquisition, in September last year.

 Oct 17, 20231 month ago

MTS event hosted by Frezite

The annual event for Machine Tooling Solutions (MTS) at Walter, previously known as OEM - Original Equipped Machines, took place between 9 and 13 October at Frezite in Portugal. The essence of MTS is providing cutting-edge solutions for new machine tools that empower clients to achieve their manufacturing goals efficiently and effectively. The focus for MTS rhymes well with the values of FMT, the Frezite Metal Division. Another event to fine-tune synergies between the Walter and Frezite teams, following their acquisition, last year.

 Sep 15, 20232 months ago

FMT in training for Walter Turkey

On 13 September, a training session on FMT's products and solutions was held for Walter Turkey's sales team. The meeting took place in a hotel in Istanbul and was an opportunity to promote the advantages of the solutions developed and produced by Frezite's Metal Division. It was also an opportunity to learn more about the Turkish market.

 Sep 4, 20233 months ago

PCD Business Unit advances in Germany

One year after integration and joining forces with FMT - Frezite Metal Tooling GmbH, Tübingen-based tool specialist Walter is strengthening its sales offer for PCD (polycrystalline diamond) special tools in Germany. The newly founded business unit kicked off on 1 September with the creation of a strong sales team. The purpose is to expand the range of special PCD tools for machining light materials such as aluminium, one of the most important materials in the automotive and aerospace industries. The partnership aims to expand the German market, "with the goal of being one of the most important suppliers of PCD tools in Germany," says Tiago Fernandes, CEO of Frezite.

 Sep 1, 20233 months ago

New business unit for aluminium special tools in Germany

One year after integration, and joining forces with FMT - Frezite Metal Tooling GmbH, Tuebingen-based tool specialist Walter is strengthening its sales offer for PCD (polycrystalline diamond) special tools in Germany. The newly founded business unit goes live on 1 September 2023 in Germany with the establishment of a strong sales team.

Read the press release here.

 Sep 1, 20233 months ago

Walter Poland visits Frezite

On the last day of August, Frezite received a visit from Walter Poland team at its premises in Trofa (Portugal). Besides meeting the people personally, it was also an opportunity to assess Frezite's installed capacity. The trip to Portugal included a tour of the company and made it possible to present Frezite's vast portfolio and success stories, as well as its work processes and methodology, mainly those relating to the partnership between the companies. This trip happens when it was one year since Frezite joining the Walter group.

 Aug 8, 20234 months ago

FMT Germany promotes teambuilding

The FMT Germany team got together for a different day of activities that challenged group dynamics at an outdoor activity park in the Balingen region. The initiative took place on 4 August, before the summer break. See some of the fun moments experienced by the team here..

 Aug 3, 20234 months ago

Metal teams meet to debrief

The meeting between the portuguese sales and customer service teams took place on 28 July at the company's premises in Trofa. After the "icebreaker", the sales and customer service teams analysed the actions completed and those to be carried over to the new six-month period. This was followed by group dynamics and lunch at the company. The following week, on 2 August, there was a general half-year review meeting with the whole team before the summer holidays. More to come!

 Jun 19, 20235 months ago

Walter Norden AB team chooses Frezite

The decision to get to know Frezite – the latest addition in Walter – brought the Nordic team to Portugal to find out how its products can support the business in the Nordic region, especially within the Aluminium area. With the team spread across three countries: Sweden, Denmark, and Finland, this trip was also to celebrate the great results achieved from the Nordic team in 2022 and an opportunity for team building spirit. They also learnt about the team and facilities of FREZITE, in Trofa. Step by step, the teams from Frezite and Walter are getting to know each other and develop group synergies.

 Jun 15, 20235 months ago

Frezite welcomes the Walter Management Team

Walter Management Team travelled to Portugal to meet the Frezite Group's team and facilities in Trofa, Vila do Conde and Porto. Since the summer of last year, Frezite has been part of Walter and both teams are working together to better promote the group's synergies. The visit, which also involved combined meetings of the Walter and Frezite teams, took place between June 12 and 15 and was considered "a big success" by the Walter President and CEO Christoph Geigges.

 May 29, 20236 months ago

Walter teams meet at FREZITE

A working meeting to learn more about the potential of the FREZITE Group and the synergies resulting from the integration in the Walter universe. FREZITE Portugal welcomed the teams from Walter Iberica, Walter France, and Walter Italy. In addition, to getting to know the facilities and teams of the Metal Division of FREZITE and SERI, the working sessions served to share, discuss, and align methodologies, engineering solutions as well as commercial strategy.

 May 29, 20236 months ago

...and bring customers and partners

The FREZITE Group received a visit from Walter Tools d.o.o. (Slovenia) with some representatives, as well as direct customers in its facilities. It was a technical visit to strengthen knowledge about some markets, with our colleagues and their customers. Another initiative aimed at exploring the synergies of the group.

 Feb 27, 20239 months ago

FMT bets on tools for composites

Mills and drills that prevents delamination of carbon fibres are the most recent bet of the metal division of FREZITE. After intense research and development work and tests carried out by the team, FMT – Frezite Metal Tooling presents to the market four tool references with an innovative cutting geometry, which ensure the stability of the materials to be cut. See here:

 Feb 1, 202310 months ago

Metal Division team gets together

On 27 January the sales team of the Metal Division of FREZITE met to discuss the challenges of the new year. After a morning of work and alignment, the team travelled to Porto for a different afternoon. After a welcome drink, a guided visit followed to the interior of one of the cellars, in an adventure that allowed them to discover how the vineyard of one of the most recognised nectars in the world is treated. The afternoon ended in a delicious way, with a proof of three Port wines served with chocolates.

 Jan 11, 202310 months ago

FREZITE at the S. Silvestre Porto

The employees gathered, once again, to participate in the S. Silvestre Porto race. The 28th edition of this event, held on January 8th, in the streets of the “Invicta” (Invictus city) as is known Porto, the Group was represented by employees from FREZITE, SERI and FHP. With some access difficulties to the race, in this event, FREZITE had 15 representatives in the 10-kilometer race and two employees who participated in the 5-kilometer walk. They promise to return.

 Jan 3, 202311 months ago

Metal Team in Team Building

Leaving behind the daily tasks and working as a team in a healthy competition was the challenge presented to the employees from the Project, Customer Service, Design, Planning, Quality, Commercial, Production Supervision, and Management Team of FMT – Frezite Metal Tooling in Portugal. The challenge took place on December 13th and involved around 30 employees who gathered in Porto to escape a scenario within a certain time frame. It was fun and challenging moments to reward a team that exceeded the objectives.