Nov 27, 20126 years ago

FMT sponsors technical manual and leisure time

FMT has extended the partnership which units the brand to its customers and also to their leisure times. With this in mind it has sponsored cycling equipment which the employees of one of its customers use in their free time to practice MTB.
The company commitment to sponsoring important times has led it to sponsor the edition of the book “Computerised Numerical Control” too, a useful tool to help to reinforce knowledge.

 Jun 8, 20126 years ago

FMT makes its debut at FIA

With solutions geared towards the aeronautical industry, FMT is going to take part in the Farnborough International Airshow (FIA) the largest trade show event in the world which brings together the aerospace, space and defence industries. As well as displaying equipment, aircraft and technologies, the air shows are another of the great attractions of this biennial event. The company’s debut at this event which will take place between July 9th and 15th will be ensured by the UK branch.

 Mar 9, 20127 years ago

FMT grows and renews itself

Through its active internationalisation policy the Frezite Group formalised its commitment to the Polish market with the formation of FMT TOOLING SYSTEMS SP.Z.O.O. , a company which was set up in the city of Wroclaw.
In the UK the Sorby branch has changed its name and premises. So the currently named Frezite Metal Tooling (UK) Ltd., still at the same industrial complex of the city of Sheffield, has also acquired better conditions to strengthen its action on the British market.

 Mar 6, 20127 years ago

FMT has a new production layout

The company has increased the production capacity of its metal division, having acquired new machinery and changed its production layout. The changes made have involved the reorganisation of the production units and strengthened the environmental policy that Frezite has been implementing for over 15 years with environmental certification in accordance with standard ISO 14001.